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  The evolution of socioeconomic status related inequalities in maternal health care

utilization: evidence from Zimbabwe,1994–2011                    

Marshall Makate                                                                                       PAGE1                                                                                                               

  Identifying   the poor for premium exemption: a critical step towards universal

health   coverage in Sub-Saharan Africa

Chukwuemeka A. Umeh                                                                          PAGE13


  Childhood anemia in Rural Haiti: the potential role of community health workers

Marie N. Séraphin,et al                                                                             PAGE16


  Participatory approach to design social accountability interventions to improve maternal health services: a case study from the Democratic Republic of the Congo 

      Eric M. Mafuta, Thérèse N. M. Mambu, Patrick K. Kayembe, et al             PAGE24


  What does the development of medical tourism in Barbados hold for health equity ?an exploratory qualitative case study

Ronald Labonté, Vivien Runnels, et al                                                        PAGE40     


  A globally networked hybrid approach to public health capacity training for maternal health professionals in low and middle income countries

Scott McIntosh, Deborah J. Ossip, et al                                                     PAGE49                                           


  Examining the changing health care seeking behavior in the era of health sector

reforms in India: evidences from the National Sample Surveys 2004 & 2014

Arnab Jana, et al                                                                                      PAGE63


  Eating practices during pregnancy:perceptions of select Maasai women in

Northern Tanzania

Jessica Lennox, Pammla Petrucka, et al                                                     PAGE72


  Aid effectiveness and programmatic effectiveness: a proposed framework for

comparative evaluation of different aid interventions in a particular health system

Hasibul Haque, et al                                                                                 PAGE81


  Global climate change: impact of heat waves under different definitions on daily mortality in Wuhan, China

Yunquan Zhang, Renjie Feng, Ran Wu, Peirong Zhong, Lu Ma, et al           PAGE88


  Increasing protocol suitability for clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa: a mixed methods study

Nerina Vischer , ,Jennifer Kealy and Christian Burri, et al                           PAGE97


  A practical approach for scaling up the alternative strategy for the elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Loa loa endemic countries - 

     developing an action plan

Louise A. Kelly-Hope, Michelle C. Stanton, et al                                        PAGE112


  Assessment of the availability and rationality of unregistered fixed dose drug combinations in Nepal: a multicenter cross sectional 


Arjun Poudel, Mohamed Izham Mohamed Ibrahim, et al                             PAGE119


  Phylodynamic applications in 21st century global infectious disease research

Brittany D Rife , Carla Mavian, Marco Salemi, et al                                  PAGE132


  Body weight misperception and psychological distress among young South Korean adults: the role of physical activity

Eun-Young Lee , Maxine Myre, and John C. Spence, et al                        PAGE142


  Escaping from poverty trap: a choice between government transfer payments and public services

Sixia Chen, Shengfeng Lu, et al                                                                PAGE152


  The market for reproductive tourism: an analysis with special reference to Greece

Anastasia Paraskou and Babu P. George                                                 PAGE168


  Strategies and governance to reduce health inequalities: evidences from a cross-European survey

Sara Barsanti, et al                                                                                 PAGE180


  Factors influencing the tobacco control policy process in Egypt and Iran: a scoping review

C. Banks, et al                                                                                       PAGE191


  “If we are waiting for the numbers alone,we will miss the point”: a qualitative study of the perceived rise of food allergy and associated risk factors in the Greater Accra Region, Ghana

George A. Atiim, Susan J. Elliott, et al                                                          PAGE202


  Joint spatial modelling of disease risk using multiple sources: an application on HIV prevalence from antenatal sentinel and demographic and health surveys in Namibia

D. Ntirampeba, et al                                                                                                      PAGE214


  The role of risk perception in willingness to respond to the 2014–2016 West African

Ebola outbreak: a qualitative study of international health care workers.

Stephanie Gee, et al                                                                             PAGE230


  Health financing policies in Sub-Saharan Africa: government ownership or donors’ influence? A scoping review of policymaking processes

Lara Gautier and Valéry Ridde                                                             PAGE240


  China’s engagement with development assistance for health in Africa

Mohon Shajalal, Junfang Xu, Feng Cheng, et al                                    PAGE257


  Health status and health systems financing in the MENA region: roadmap to universal health coverage

Eyob Zere Asbu, Maysoun Dimachkie Masri, et al                               PAGE266


  The ‘experimental public’ in longitudinal health research: views of local leaders and

service providers in rural South Africa

Rhian Twine , Gillian Lewando Hundt and Kathleen Kahn                    PAGE279


  Anal sexual experience and HIV risk awareness among female sex workers in

Dire Dawa, eastern Ethiopia

Yohannes Teka Mazeingia, et al                                                           PAGE291


  Targeted community based interventions improved malaria management competencies in rural Ghana

Isabella A. Quakyi, Judith K. Stephens, Nathaniel Coleman, Bernard B. Bortei, Edward Essuman, Felix Sorvor, Andrew A. Adjei, et al                                                                   



  Trafficking of Vietnamese women and girls for marriage in China

Heidi Stöckl, Ligia Kiss,Cathy Zimmerman,et al                                    PAGE309


  Qatar steps up to Global Health security: a reflection on the joint external evaluation,2016

Mohamed Osman Bala, Mohamad Abdelhalim Chehab,et al                 PAGE318


  Predictors and consequences of rural clients’ satisfaction level in the district public-private mixed health system of Bangladesh

Ashim Roy, Nanne de Vries, et al                                                         PAGE323


  Immediate assessment of performance of medical laboratory scientists following a

10-day malaria microscopy training programme in Nigeria

Bolatito Aiyenigba , Justus Uzim, Oluwole Adeusi, et al                        PAGE336


  Review on the prevalence of diabetes and risk factors and situation of disease management in floating population in China

Kaiyi Han, Jingjing Yao, Qiang Sun, et al                                              PAGE343


  Reasons to pursue a career in medicine: a qualitative study in Sierra Leone

Aniek Woodward , John Rees and Andrew Leather ,et al                            PAGE 349


  Use of a community-led prevention strategy to enhance behavioral changes towards Ebola virus disease: a qualitative case study in Western Cote d'Ivoire

Lara Gautier                                                                                        PAGE 360















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